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Estate Planning & Probate

All clients are unique, but they share certain similarities when it comes to planning for the future. Most clients want to ensure that:

  • Sufficient resources are available for their retirement.
  • Their estate planning documents are cost-effective, appropriate for their situation, and current with laws and their individual goals.
  • Assets are appropriately protected in an increasingly litigious society.
  • Their intentions regarding terminal illness have been effectively communicated to loved ones and health care providers.

More specifically, clients usually want to know the best way to deal with their appreciated real estate or securities, insurance policies, retirement accounts including IRAs, 401(k) and pensions, as well as information regarding long term health care. TCORS attorneys work with clients as well as their families, their financial planners, their bankers, their insurance providers, and their accountants to ensure that their goals are met. Our attorneys have advanced degrees in taxation, business and CPA certifications. TCORS attorneys provide an array of estate planning tools to effectively reduce estate taxes and preserve wealth for your family, including family limited partnerships and various trust arrangements. In addition to reducing or eliminating taxes, we counsel clients on the benefits of comprehensive estate plans that consider lifetime giving, creditor protection, the appointment of guardians, conservators and executors, charitable giving, and the effective use of qualified retirement plans. The use of advance healthcare directives, such as living wills, appointment of healthcare agents and designation of conservators, is also reviewed with clients.

In conjunction with our Corporate & Business Practice Group, TCORS Estate Planning & Probate Practice Group often works with entrepreneurs to ensure that their current business activities incorporate strategies for effective tax and succession planning, such as buy-sell arrangements and family limited partnerships.

As with most things in life, the hardest part of an estate plan is usually just Getting Started. The following materials provide an informative overview before an initial consultation with us.

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