Attorney Carberry Publishes Travel Book

Epic Destinations

TCORS is pleased to announce that Managing Partner Glenn Carberry recently published a travel book entitled, “Epic Destinations.” The book reports on some of the interesting experiences he’s had over the past decade traveling to 55 countries and visiting numerous World Heritage sites and other unusual places around the globe.

The book includes striking photos of the great wonders of the world as well as many lesser known landmarks, cultural activities and natural wonders. Epic Destinations contains detailed information about more than 100 sites that will encourage readers with an interest in history, geography and world civilizations to learn more about these places and pursue their own epic adventures in the future.

The book is not being sold, but has been widely distributed to Attorney Carberry’s friends and firm clients. He has also donated hundreds of copies to several local school systems for use in social studies classes and honors programs. If you would like a copy, please contact Jayne Michalek at TCORS and we would be happy to send you one.