Glenn Carberry’s Explorations Featured in Aspire Magazine

The World at your fingertips

Aspire, a travel, arts and society magazine published a feature article in their Summer 2018 edition entitled “The World at your fingertips.” The article, written by Nicholas Checker, delved into Attorney Glenn Carberry’s published travel booklet “Epic Destinations.”

Carberry’s “Epic Destinations” contains detailed information about more than 100 sites that encourage readers with an interest in history, geography and world civilizations to learn more about these places and pursue their own epic adventures in the future.

Carberry’s booklet was published during the fall of 2017 and more than 600 copies were distributed to friends, colleagues and local school systems for use in their social studies classes and honors programs.

Quoted in the Aspire article, Carberry said, “I don’t really consider myself an explorer, as I’m not out there backpacking. I’m actually more a conventional traveler experiencing the various cultures and the people there.”

Aspire magazine is published and produced by The Day Newspaper of New London.

To find the article in it’s original format, please click here. The article begins on page ten.